Registration Process 1: If you have used any Legacy Data Code (LDC) in your NRC Application Form, registration will require quoting any one of all valid Legacy Data Codes (LDCs) used in the Application Form. Even if an LDC is used by just one out of many members who have used any other List A document, that LDC will be essential for registration. In addition, use your Mobile number* for registration.

Registration Process 2: If you have not used any Legacy Data Code (LDC) in your NRC Application Form i.e no LDC is used by any of the members, you can register with only Mobile Number*.

* Any Mobile Number can be used for registration. Such Mobile Number need not be from any of the Mobile Numbers given in the Application form. After registration in this portal, such Mobile Number will be referred to as Registered Mobile Number (RMN). A Mobile Number once used for registration for any ARN cannot be used for registering for any other ARN. Similarly, an ARN once registered through an ARN cannot be registered through any other Mobile Number. All family Members of any ARN need to decide which Mobile Number to be used for registration.

The owner of the Mobile Number used for registration will be responsible for any access to this portal. For any unauthorized access or modification of particulars of any ARN, the owner of the Registered Mobile Number will be liable for panel action

This portal can only be used to correct particulars of those persons whose names have appeared in the Complete Draft published on 30th July, 2018