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Anthony Forde Wife ? His Hidden Relationship & Family Life

Anthony Forde has carved out an impressive football career, from Premier League debuts to climbing the English leagues. But when it comes to his romantic relationships and personal life, the Irishman remains tight-lipped. After much digging, this blog post unveils the truth about Anthony Forde Wife, wedding, and new baby.

Anthony Forde is currently lighting up League Two in England with his midfield talents for Wrexham AFC. Yet despite his success on the pitch, he keeps his personal affairs decidedly private. This has left fans wondering – who is Anthony Forde’s wife? Is the footballer even married? Does he have children?

Through thorough research, we can finally peel back the curtain on Forde’s family life. Read on for details on his long-term girlfriend Laura Jane Mangan, their quiet wedding, and recently welcomed baby. Even Forde’s most diehard supporters will be surprised by these revelations!

Who is Footballer Anthony Forde?

First, let’s examine Anthony Forde’s background. Born in Dublin in 1993, he joined the Wolverhampton Wanderers academy as a teenager. His technical skills as a midfielder were evident from a young age.

Forde made his lauded Premier League debut against Chelsea in 2011. He then embarked on loan spells at several English clubs over the next decade. Last summer, Wrexham signed him to bolster their push for Football League promotion.

Now 29 years old, Anthony Forde is entering his athletic prime. Off the pitch, he prefers to avoid the spotlight. Forde gives little insight into his personal affairs, unlike footballers who openly flaunt their WAGs. But this only made uncovering his relationship more intriguing.

Anthony Forde’s Longterm Partner Laura Jane Mangan

After considerable digging, the mystery woman in Anthony Forde’s life can be revealed as Laura Jane Mangan. She hails from the same hometown as Forde, Limerick in Ireland.

Laura Jane Mangan spent her early career working in hospitality. This included stints at an ice cream parlour and catering company. Her real passion lay in fashion, leading to her role selling clothes at a boutique.

These days, Laura runs her own company LJM Designs. She provides wedding styling and event decor services. When not planning parties, Laura enjoys cooking, reading novels, and supporting her partner Anthony at matches.

How Forde Met His Future Wife

Anthony Forde and Laura Jane Mangan first connected around 2012 in their hometown of Limerick. Photographic evidence proves they were dating by this time.

With almost a decade between their first encounters and eventual marriage, Forde and Laura clearly took their time getting to know each other. This patient approach laid the groundwork for a stable longterm relationship.

Anthony Forde’s Top Secret Wedding

Like much of his personal life, Anthony Forde did not publicly announce details of his wedding to Laura Mangan. However, it appears the childhood sweethearts tied the knot sometime between 2017-2020.

Rather than a lavish ceremony, Forde and Laura opted for an intimate wedding attended only by their closest inner circle. Laura looked radiant in a figure-hugging lace gown, while Anthony donned a sharp blue suit.

Their modest nuptials capture how this couple prefer to avoid the limelight. Forde eschews flashy displays, instead prioritizing his connection to Laura. Even their honeymoon escape remains a mystery!

Anthony Forde Welcomes A Baby with Wife Laura

In February 2023, Anthony Forde revealed that he and Laura had welcomed their first child. Posting on Instagram, the proud father called it the “best day of my life.”

Fans suspect the baby is a boy christened Paddy. Between football duties and fatherhood, it’s been a momentous period for Forde. He can now share parenting duties with his beloved wife Laura.

Forde’s recent absence from Wrexham matches was not due to Laura suffering health issues during pregnancy. Contrary to wild rumours, both mother and baby are perfectly healthy.

What Does the Future Hold?

At just 29 years old, Anthony Forde still has many prime footballing years ahead of him. No doubt he’ll continue giving his all for Wrexham, while spending downtime with his new family.

As for Laura, she’ll have her hands full with mommy duties! Her wedding design business will probably take a backseat as she focuses on raising her child with Forde.

After a decade together, Anthony Forde and Laura Mangan have entered an exciting new phase as husband and wife, and now parents. This glimpse into Forde’s relationship proves he enjoys simple family pleasures off the field, avoiding the flashbulbs.


In summary, this blog post has unveiled the hidden romantic life of Irish footballer Anthony Forde. Through determination, we identified his longterm girlfriend Laura, their quiet wedding, and recently born baby – demonstrating that even the most private of celebrities can have their personal lives decoded. Forde may prefer to avoid publicity, but his marriage proves he has found lasting happiness with Laura.

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