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Kevin Sinfield Wife Jayne Sinfield and Family Life

Kevin Sinfield Wife Jayne Sinfield: Kevin Sinfield is considered a legend in English rugby league circles. The former player now coaches defence for the national rugby union team. But away from sports, Sinfield enjoys a blissful family life with wife Jayne Sinfield. This blog reveals everything about Jayne and her marriage to beloved rugby icon Kevin.

Throughout his illustrious rugby career, Kevin Sinfield has kept his personal life quite private. But fans know he has been happily married to wife Jayne Sinfield for years. Together they have two sons following in their dad’s athletic footsteps.

While Kevin basks in the spotlight, hairdresser Jayne prefers to avoid publicity. Still, her unwavering support has been crucial to Sinfield’s success. Here’s an inside look at Jayne Sinfield’s background, her relationship with Kevin, and their family.

Who is Jayne Sinfield?

Before meeting husband Kevin Sinfield, Jayne Sinfield established herself as a talented hairdresser. She owns the Oasis Hair salon in Leeds, where she specializes in cutting, coloring, and styling clients’ hair.

Jayne is admired for her hairdressing abilities and warm rapport with customers. When not working in the salon, she enjoys reading, walking her dog, and vacationing along the English coast.

Jayne prizes her privacy, focusing on family over fame. She and Kevin have been together since their youth – long before his rugby glory.

How Jayne Sinfield Met Husband Kevin

Jayne Sinfield and Kevin Sinfield have been a couple since their late teens. They both grew up in Yorkshire, and a chance meeting as teenagers sparked their romance.

Even as Sinfield’s rugby career took off, he remained loyal to girlfriend Jayne. The two dated through Kevin’s time with the Leeds Rhinos in the 2000s.

In Jayne, Sinfield found a partner indifferent to his rising fame. She loved him for his character rather than sporting status. Her steadfast support gave Kevin strength through ups and downs.

Jayne and Kevin’s Long-Lasting Marriage

Following many years of dating, Jayne Sinfield and Kevin Sinfield decided to cement their relationship by getting married sometime in the late 2000s or early 2010s.

The rugby star preferred not to publicize his wedding to Jayne. But their enduring union proves the couple couldn’t be happier. Even as Sinfield’s coaching duties take him overseas, he and Jayne maintain a strong foundation.

Nearly 20 years after first meeting, the two soulmates continue growing together through marital bliss. Jayne remains Kevin’s rock through his non-stop career adventures.

Jayne and Kevin Sinfield’s Sons

In addition to their rewarding marriage, Jayne Sinfield and Kevin Sinfield are proud parents to two athletic sons – Jack and Sam Sinfield.

Like their famous dad, both Sinfield boys grew up playing and excelling at rugby. Jack and Sam surely appreciate having a knowledgeable mentor like Kevin to hone their talents.

With Jayne’s support, Kevin has embraced fatherhood’s joys and responsibilities. She reportedly urged him to accept the job coaching England’s national rugby union team, knowing what an honor it was.

The Sinfields may be an under-the-radar family, but their bonds are rock solid.

Jayne Sinfield’s Life Today

Kevin Sinfield’s retirement from professional rugby in 2015 allowed him to spend more time focused on family. When not coaching, he enjoys low-key home life with Jayne and their sons.

Jayne continues running her successful Leeds hair salon, where clients rave about her styling skills. She and Kevin like taking beach holidays together, walking their dog, and cheering on their boys at rugby matches.

Rather than bask in Sinfield’s fame, Jayne maintains the privacy they’ve built through years of marriage. She remains committed to providing Kevin and their sons a peaceful, happy home.


In closing, this blog post has illuminated the relatively private life of Jayne Sinfield, wife of English rugby great Kevin Sinfield. Since meeting as teens, the two have forged an unbreakable bond, raising sons and navigating Kevin’s high-profile sports career side-by-side.

Jayne’s unwavering support as a wife and mother is invaluable. She keeps Kevin grounded in family life amidst the rigors of coaching. Fans respect the couple’s desire for privacy as they focus on what matters most – each other and their children.

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