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Kieran Culkin Wikipedia – Who Wins 2024 Golden Globe

Kieran Culkin has catapulted to new heights of fame after capturing the 2024 Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a TV Drama for his performance as Roman Roy in HBO’s acclaimed series Succession. His win caps off a multi-year journey returning to the spotlight after years as a child star alongside brother Macaulay Culkin.

As Culkin draws widespread praise for the latest milestone in his blossoming career, many fans are turning to the internet eager to learn everything about the actor’s background, path to Succession glory, and plans for the future.

A Former Child Star Reemerges

  • Born September 30th, 1982 (age 41) in New York City
  • Breakout childhood role: Fuller in Home Alone (1990)
  • First major adult part: title role – Igby Goes Down (2002)
  • Best known for playing Roman Roy on HBO series Succession (2018 – Present)
  • Married to Jazz Charton (2013), 2 children
  • Wins 2024 Golden Globe for Best Actor in TV Drama Series

Born on September 30th, 1982 in New York City, Kieran Culkin entered show business at a young age with his breakout role of Fuller in 1990’s beloved holiday classic Home Alone, starring next to older brother Macaulay.

While his iconic child star siblings captured the most attention, Kieran built up an early resume with supporting parts in films like Father of the Bride and The Mighty while attending Professional Children’s School in New York.

As an adult, Culkin temporarily stepped back from acting during a quiet period in the 2000s. But in 2002, his performance as the lead character Igby Slocumb in the critically acclaimed indie film Igby Goes Down announced the former child actor’s triumphant return. His hilarious, tormented portrayal earned Culkin a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor and set the stage for his future ascent.

Steady Success and Breakout Fame with “Succession”

Over the ensuing two decades, Kieran Culkin delivered several memorable big-screen performances in movies like Margaret, Wiener-Dog, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Steven Soderbergh’s 2021 crime caper No Sudden Move. He also made appearances on shows like The Jim Gaffigan Show and Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later.

But Culkin’s most famous role by far is the fan-favorite character Roman Roy on Jesse Armstrong’s scathing HBO family drama Succession. As the caustic, immature son of a billionaire media magnate, Culkin brings perfect comedic timing and surprising dramatic depth to the hit series – becoming a standout in its ensemble cast.

His masterful performance earned Culkin his first Golden Globe nomination in 2018, followed by two more in 2020 and 2021. After years of helping anchor one of TV’s most addicting shows, the veteran actor finally received long-overdue recognition with a 2024 Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Drama.

During his acceptance speech, an emotional Culkin thanked the show’s cast and crew for pushing him to expand his range as a performer. “This role constantly challenges me in new ways,” he remarked. “I’m overwhelmed and grateful to receive this honor.”

Kieran Culkin Wife and Young Family

When not captivating viewers on Succession, the 41-year old actor spends most free time with wife Jazz Charton (married 2013) and their growing family. The couple have a daughter born in 2019 and a son born in 2021.

Friends call Culkin a caring family man – trying to give his children a normal life despite growing up in an unconventional Hollywood family himself. But the new Golden Globe winner still makes sure to involve his kids in his latest career achievements however possible.

During press events, Culkin proudly discusses how his daughter watched Succession’s recent season premiere along with him – joining in her dad’s excitement over his work. With the HBO series renewed for a fifth season, his children will surely get to see even more of daddy’s TV fame.

What’s Next for Golden Globe Winner Kieran Culkin?

While thrilled about his breakout accolades for Succession, Kieran Culkin also hopes to balance the smash hit drama series with more film projects during hiatuses from filming.

The 2024 Golden Globe cements the former child star as leading man material, opening doors to work with revered directors and shoot for even meatier acting challenges. As studios court him for new roles, Culkin wants to continue proving the breadth of his talents across screens both big and small.

As Culkin mused to press after his Globe triumph: “I started so early in my life in this business. To receive an award like this now feels validating for never giving up even when I stepped away for a while.”

But despite major success on the horizon, the down-to-earth actor’s top priority remains spending as much time as he can with his wife and kids. Balancing career and family will likely define Culkin’s path forward from his 2024 Golden Globe spotlight.

After close to 40 years in show business, Kieran Culkin is finally entering the prime era of his acting career thanks to his Golden Globe-winning turn on Succession. With the acting world now firmly on notice, expect Culkin’s fame and accolades to continue rising dramatically in coming years.

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