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Kirk Herbstreit Wife Alison Butler and Mother of His 4 Sons

Kirk Herbstreit Wife Alison Butler: Kirk Herbstreit has become a fixture in households across America as an analyst on ESPN’s iconic College Gamedays show. But while fans know Kirk for his football expertise, less is known about his personal life with wife Alison Butler. This blog post will explore Alison’s background, her marriage to Kirk, their family, and what she’s up to today.

Who is Alison Butler?

Alison Butler was born in 1973 and hails from Centerville, Ohio. In the early 1990s, she attended Ohio State University where she cheered on the sidelines as part of the cheer squad. This is where Alison first met her future husband, Kirk Herbstreit, who was a quarterback for the Ohio State football team.

After graduating from OSU, Alison went on to work professionally as a cheerleader for several sports teams. However, she gave up her cheerleading career after marrying Kirk in 1998. Today, Alison is a housewife and mother of four sons. While she avoids the spotlight herself, fans recognize her as the wife of Kirk Herbstreit.

Early Life and Education

Details about Alison’s early life and parents remain scarce, as she has not publicly discussed that part of her past. She was raised in Centerville, Ohio before heading to OSU for college in the early 1990s.

At Ohio State, Alison studied communications while cheering part-time for the Buckeyes football team. This role allowed her to meet quarterback Kirk Herbstreit, who she began dating around 1993. After graduating OSU, Alison worked as a professional cheerleader before settling down.

Meeting Husband Kirk Herbstreit at Ohio State

As students at Ohio State in the 1990s, Alison and Kirk got to know each other through their roles with the football team. She cheered on the sidelines as Kirk played quarterback for the Buckeyes.

Their shared Ohio State connection, passion for football, and Midwestern backgrounds formed the foundation for a romance. By the mid 1990s, Alison and Kirk were in a serious relationship.

After graduation, Alison went on to cheer professionally while Kirk began a broadcasting career. In 1998, the college sweethearts decided to settle down and tie the knot.

Marriage and Family Life with Kirk Herbstreit

Alison Butler and Kirk Herbstreit got married in 1998 among family and friends in Ohio. Shortly after their wedding, Alison became pregnant with twin boys. Jake and Tye Herbstreit were born in 2000.

The couple welcomed a third son, Zak, in 2003. Their fourth and youngest son Chase was born in 2006, completing their family. As Kirk’s broadcasting career took off, Alison focused on raising their four boys at home.

In 2011, the Herbstreits made the decision to move from Ohio to Nashville, Tennessee for a new setting. But just a few years later in 2016, they moved back to Ohio to support their sons’ budding football careers.

All four Herbstreit boys play football themselves – first for high schools in Ohio, and now collegiately for Clemson, Ohio State, and more. Kirk and Alison continue residing in Ohio to be close to their sons.

Life Today Outside the Spotlight

Unlike her famous sportscaster husband Kirk, Alison Butler prefers to remain outside of the media spotlight. While Kirk travels weekly for College GameDay, Alison leads a quiet life at home.

Now age 50, much of her time revolves around supporting her four athletic sons. She can often be spotted cheering them on at high school and college football games across the region.

Alison maintains an active lifestyle and healthy diet. She does share occasional family updates via an Instagram account, but has less than 2,000 public followers. Alison seems content avoiding fame and focusing on family.

Nearly 25 years into marriage, Alison and Kirk’s lasting love proves they can thrive both in and out of the public eye. She remains the rock that allows Kirk to succeed in his high-profile broadcasting career.


In closing, Alison Butler resides comfortably in the shadow of famous husband Kirk Herbstreit. This allows her to devote herself to raising their four sons and maintaining a low-key lifestyle away from cameras. While Kirk is the face of College GameDay, Alison’s support behind-the-scenes has been invaluable.

After meeting as Ohio State students in the 1990s, the Midwest natives have built an admirable marriage and family life together. Alison Butler remains a beloved wife and mother, perfectly content away from the limelight her husband occupies.

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