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Paul Goldschmidt Wife Amy Goldschmidt Age, Height, Kids, Net Worth

Meet Amy Goldschmidt, also known as Amy Glazier, a remarkable woman who has left an indelible mark both in the sporting arena and as the wife of Major League Baseball (MLB) player, Paul Goldschmidt.

Amy’s journey into sports began during her high school days, where she not only played volleyball but also captained the team to victory in two tournaments. Her prowess didn’t stop there, as she transitioned to university life, showcasing her skills in golf and consistently delivering stellar performances.

As the wife of Paul Goldschmidt, a standout in the MLB currently signed with the St. Louis Cardinals, Amy’s life is a subject of interest. Let’s delve into her biography.

How do Paul Goldschmidt and Amy Goldschmidt meet?

Paul and Amy’s story began in their freshman year at Texas State University, where a chance meeting blossomed into a deep and enduring friendship. Despite not knowing much about each other initially, they shared classes and eventually found love. Their journey was marked by openness, commitment, and honesty, laying the foundation for a strong relationship.

Amy Goldschmidt and Paul Goldschmidt’s Marriage

The culmination of their romantic journey led to a beautiful marriage proposal by Paul at an event surrounded by close friends and family. Their private engagement set the stage for an intimate wedding at Texas Christian University’s Robert Carr Chapel in October 2010. Their love story, rooted in a previous relationship each, has flourished, creating a happy and affectionate married life.

Amy Goldschmidt Children

Amy and Paul are proud parents of two children. Their son, Jake Goldschmidt, was born in 2015, and the couple later welcomed a daughter, whose details are kept private. The Goldschmidt family of four thrives on love, support, and care for each other.

Early Life

Amy, born to Tex and Sherri Glazier in Fort Worth, Texas, grew up alongside her sister, Graclyn Glazier. While details about her parents’ professions and residence remain private, her sister is the co-founder and CEO of Fire Up Nation, a company providing professional training and coaching.

Amy Goldschmidt Age, Height, and Body Measurement

Born on 12 June 1991, Amy is currently 31 years old. Her height, weight, and body measurements remain undisclosed. With dark brown hair, hazel-blue eyes, and a curvy body, Amy exudes a playful, intellectual, and curious personality fitting for a Gemini.


Amy’s journey in education mirrored her athletic prowess. A high school volleyball captain, she continued her studies at Texas State University, majoring in Business Marketing. Her university days saw her excel in golf, culminating in a successful graduation.

Net Worth

Amy Goldschmidt maintains a private stance on her net worth and income sources. Preferring to focus on her role as a dedicated wife and mother, she treasures her family life.

Interesting Facts About Amy

  • A dual-sport athlete in high school and university, excelling in volleyball and golf.
  • Met husband Paul Goldschmidt during their freshman year at Texas State University.
  • Currently embraces the role of a housewife, having left her career in sports.

Who is Paul Goldschmidt?

Paul Edward Goldschmidt, born on 10 September 1987, in Wilmington, Delaware, stands out as a prominent figure in MLB. Currently playing as a first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, Paul’s career began with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2011.

A seven-time MLB All-Star, Paul has garnered prestigious awards, including the NL Hank Aaron Award, Gold Glove Award, and Silver Slugger Award. In 2022, he secured the NL Most Valuable Player Award.

With a net worth of $20 million as of 2023 and a salary of $26 million, Paul’s stature in the MLB is exemplified by consistent success on the field.

FAQs about Amy Goldschmidt

Are Paul and Amy Goldschmidt married?

Yes, Paul and Amy Goldschmidt are happily married, having tied the knot in October 2010.

How many children does Amy Goldschmidt have?

Amy Goldschmidt and Paul Goldschmidt are proud parents of two children. Their son, Jake Goldschmidt, was born in 2015, while their daughter’s details remain private.

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