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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Website Created

Having a professionally designed website is crucial for establishing credibility and driving growth in today’s digital landscape. With more people turning to the internet to research and purchase products and services, companies without an online presence miss out on a huge opportunity to connect with customers. Website erstellen lassen

Here are the top 5 reasons every business should have a custom website created.

1. Establish Credibility and Professionalism

A polished, well-designed website demonstrates that your company is established, legitimate, and trustworthy. Visitors will have much more confidence in your business and be more likely to buy from you.

Specific benefits include:

  • Appear more legitimate – Even basic websites lend credibility that is impossible to achieve without an online presence.
  • Inspire trust in potential customers – When visitors land on a properly branded site that speaks to them, they feel more at ease purchasing your offerings.
  • Look like an authority in your industry – A site showcasing your track record, products, and team builds confidence in your capabilities.

2. Allow Customers to Find You Online

Over 90% of shoppers turn to the internet to find products, services, and businesses to support. A website puts you on the map so prospective customers can discover you.

Benefits include:

  • Improves discoverability in search engines – SEO and marketing bring new visitors from Google and other search engines.
  • Provides 24/7 accessibility – Potential customers can explore your site and get information at any time.
  • Enable customers to research your business – Having detailed content builds credibility and trust.

3. Generate More Leads and Sales

Websites specifically designed to capture leads and drive sales can make a huge impact on business growth when optimized for conversions.

Typical conversion-focused features include:

  • Attract visitors who are ready to buy – Targeted marketing and messaging inspire action.
  • Include strong calls-to-action – Compelling offers, free trials, consultations, etc. facilitate engagement.
  • Capture leads through web forms – Contact, demo sign-up, and other forms collect lead information.

4. Promote Products or Services Effectively

A custom website tailored to your offerings makes it easy for customers to evaluate, try, or purchase them. You control the buying journey from discovery to processed transaction.

Website capabilities around merchandise include:

  • Showcase your offerings visually – Images, videos, and descriptions demonstrate your products or services.
  • Provide detailed information to invite inquiries – Answer common questions and concerns to nurture prospects.
  • Enable easy purchases online – Shopping carts, payments, shipping, and account creation enable e-commerce.

5. Communicate Your Brand Identity

Your website is a critical brand marketing channel that shapes the perception of your business. Control your image with consistent messaging and visuals.

Branding-related aspects include:

  • Craft a consistent brand image – Logos, colors, fonts, imagery, and tone sets expectations.
  • Share your mission and values – Descriptions about why you exist and what you stand for resonate.
  • Control how you present your business – Carefully selected words, photos, and videos influence opinions.

Tips for Getting a Website Created

If you’re ready to have a new website developed, keep these tips in mind:

  • Determine goals and requirements – Identify the site objectives, pages needed, functionality required, and success metrics.
  • Choose a web design professional or agency – Find an experienced developer or firm that excels at creating sites like yours.
  • Select a content management system – Platforms like WordPress or Shopify facilitate updating content quickly.
  • Optimize for search engines – Utilize SEO best practices in site architecture, content, and technical attributes.
  • Promote your new website – Market the site through advertising, email campaigns, and other tactics to drive visitors.


Having a custom-designed, professionally developed website delivers immense value for achieving online business goals. The investment pays for itself many times over by establishing credibility, allowing customers to find you, generating leads and sales, effectively promoting offerings, and communicating branding. Prioritize getting your site created to start reaping the many benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important elements of a website?

Some of the most important elements include an intuitive navigation menu, appealing visual design, high-quality content tailored to your offerings, lead capture forms, calls-to-action, and fast page load times. These all influence site visitor satisfaction and conversions.

How much does it cost to build a website?

Costs range widely from $500 for a very basic site up to $100k+ for an intricate enterprise site. However, most small business sites created by professional web developers cost $3,000 to $15,000. Many factors affect pricing.

How long does it take to create a website?

Development timelines range from 2 weeks for a simple website with a predefined template to over 6 months for highly complex, custom web applications. However, most traditional sites take 1-3 months to launch from the initial planning stages.

Should I learn how to build a website myself?

If you have advanced coding skills, building your site is reasonable, but it demands extensive effort and technical expertise. Most businesses prefer hiring a professional web development firm to save time while leveraging their best practices to ensure optimal outcomes.

How often should you update your website content?

To remain relevant, websites require frequent content updates and additions, at least monthly. Homepages in particular should change more dynamically, and optimally every week or two. Keep material fresh to nurture repeat website visitors.

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