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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Roofer?

We’ve all been there – noticing wear and tear on the roof, a few missing shingles, and thinking “I could fix that myself and save a few bucks!” While the DIY spirit may be strong, taking on a roofing project without professional expertise has considerable risks. Your home’s roof protects everything inside from the elements and is one of the most important components of the structure. Attempting roof work without proper experience can lead to botched jobs, safety hazards, additional costs down the road, and lost time and energy.

Protect Your Most Valuable Investment

Your home is likely your single biggest investment – replacing the entire roof can cost over $10,000 alone. Protecting such a valuable asset requires getting the job done right. Common DIY mistakes like incorrect materials, sloping issues that lead to pooling water or premature wear often go unnoticed until serious leaks or rot occur. Hiring a professional roofing contractor ensures your roof is installed properly according to manufacturer specifications using the suitable materials for your home and climate. This gives you peace of mind that your roof will last its expected lifetime of 15-25 years and protect your precious investment inside. Entreprise maçonnerie 95

Going the DIY route may seem like you’re saving money at first, but cutting corners or making mistakes can lead to expensive repairs or full replacements much sooner than if done correctly by a professional initially. Professional roofers have extensive experience identifying the correct materials and methods to give you a beautifully installed, long-lasting roof. In the long run, a roofer guarantees you get full value out of your roof for your money.

Ensure Safety During Roof Work

Working on rooftops can be extremely dangerous. Professionals have extensive training on proper safety protocols when working at heights. They use harnesses, secured ladders, guardrails around the roof, and set up safety perimeter zones around the house. Safety should be the number one priority for you and the workers.

If you or an amateur helper were to fall and get seriously injured during a DIY roofing project, you would be completely liable for all costs. That’s a huge risk most homeowners can’t afford. With a licensed, bonded roofer, you transfer liability away from yourself. Roofers also have insurance to cover any worker injuries or accidents, another area of liability protection homeowners gain. You can have total peace of mind that the roofing crew will conduct the project safely for both themselves and your family.

Gain Peace of Mind with Warranties & Guarantees

Reputable roofing companies provide material and workmanship warranties when they install or replace your roof. This covers any defects in materials as well as labor errors that could lead to leaks for a set time period, often 10-20 years. DIY roof jobs have no such safety net – if any issues arise down the road, you’ll unfortunately be paying out-of-pocket to fix them.

With a roofer’s warranty, you have the assurance that problems get fixed quickly at low or no cost to you. They’ll send workers back out to identify issues and make repairs, boosting protection for your home. The warranty may also be transferrable to the next homeowner, preserving your roof investment value if you sell the home. Having contingency plans through guarantees gives great peace of mind that your roof will hold up for the long haul.

Benefit from Expert Craftsmanship & Knowledge

Professional roofing contractors bring years of expertise working on all roofing system types. They have intimate familiarity with building codes in your area and what materials and techniques perform best under local climate conditions. This specialized knowledge ensures you get the highest quality, most durable and beautiful roof possible. Installing roof systems like metal panels, shingles, tiles, and other materials is quite complex. It’s a skillset developed over years of training and hands-on work. DIYers simply don’t have comparable expertise.

You wouldn’t want an amateur working on the foundations of your home. Similarly, it pays to have an expert craft your roof for maximum durability and protection. Contractors also have established supply chains to access the best building materials at fair prices. Not only will your roof look amazing, it will enhance the curb appeal and resale value of your whole property thanks to a roofer’s savvy design eye. Your home deserves to have outstanding roof work just like the experts deliver.

Conserve Your Energy and Resources for Other Projects

Finally, taking a DIY approach to roofing requires massive investments of personal time, physical labor, and mental bandwidth. You may need to make multiple trips to building supply stores, rent equipment like tall ladders and lifts, haul hundreds of pounds of materials onto the roof, and spend many long days and weekends installing everything. That’s an incredible amount of work that quickly leads to exhaustion and burnout.

Hiring a roofer conserves your efforts for other projects or priorities. Professionals have optimized logistics solutions to transport equipment and complete installations far more efficiently than a DIYer can. That frees up a homeowner’s time and energy instead of wasting it all on the difficult roof project. Rather than stressing about the taxing roof replacement, you can relax, focus on your daily life, and trust that roofing experts have everything handled safely on your behalf.


Installing or replacing a roof system without professional assistance may seem like a cost-saving tactic, but it carries substantial risks spanning undetected defects, expensive early repairs, dangerous falls, liability for injuries, lack of financial contingency options, amateur aesthetics, and unnecessary drains on homeowners’ time and energy. Hiring a local, licensed roofer protects your family and your valuable investments via expert project management, specialized equipment/training, building code compliance, weather-appropriate material selection, installation best practices, attractive visual outcomes, warrants and guarantees, and overall experience vastly superior to an amateur DIY attempt. You gain total peace of mind while also freeing up resources to relax or focus on other projects. Don’t gamble with DIY roofing – for such an essential home component, a professional roofer is the safest choice.


How much does it cost to hire a roofer vs doing it myself?

The national average cost for professional roof replacement is $7,500-10,000 depending on roof size, materials, location and other factors. Attempting to DIY could cost upfront with materials, or much more over time if repairs are needed from mistakes.

What are signs I should hire a roofer?

If your roof is over 15 years old, you notice consistent leaks, substantial damage like missing shingles, curled/cracked surfaces, or you need a complete tear-off, professional help is likely best. Roofers also have the expertise if you’re considering upgrading roofing materials for improved efficiency or longevity.

What qualifications should I verify with a roofer?

Always verify they are locally licensed, bonded, insured, and up to date on all state-required trainings and certificates. Check reviews as well to ensure positive experiences with past homeowners. Reputable roofers back work with written guarantees too.

When is DIY roofing OK, if ever?

For minor issues like replacing a few damaged shingles, cleaning gutters or downspouts, or sealing flashing, an experienced DIYer can potentially handle themselves. Any more extensive work should still involve hiring roofers to inspect and confirm it’s safe for amateurs before proceeding. Safety first.

How can I find the best local roofer?

Online reviews offer candid reports of customer experiences. Check ratings on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, and elsewhere, while also asking neighbors for referrals. Confirm all proper licensing and training credentials. Meet with a few companies to get quotes and assess professionalism. Go with the roofer you trust most.

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